Sean graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design.  He averages about a 95 in bowling, and can dunk nine times out of ten on a regulation hoop. He's made rounds as a freelance illustrator, dipping his toes into many industries. 

Now, he doesn't normally give this out, but I've got a good feeling he's going to like you. Here's his PERSONAL contact info:

cellphone          (732) 343 4900


Reach out with questions, ideas, freelance opportunities, or just to say hey. He doesn't bite, promise. Ask him about doing a caricature of someone; it makes a great gift.

"'Kowabunga, dude.' -- Michelangelo (1991)" -- Sean Monaghan (2018)

Want to see his résumé?

Visit his blog to see more. Do it.